Send and Aux capability

Does Wavelab have the ability to send to an aux or FX channel (like in cubase)? I have a situation where I need to restore a historic recording. The reverb on the recording was overdone and unrealistic sounding. I’ve managed to reduce that pretty successfully. However I now need to put back a little reverb (of a much higher quality). However, I don’t want the low frequency content feeding into the reverb, just the mids. In Cubase or Pro tools I’d just use a send and filter out the lows on the FX channel before it hits the reverb. Is there a way to do this in Wavelab?


Sorry, no such possibility in WaveLab.

Ok thanks. It would be a useful feature when we occasionally need add reverb mastering. I find when I do I invariably just want it on certain areas of the frequency spectrum.

You should be able to find great reverb plugins out there with pre-filtering on the input and/or output allowing you to exclude what you don’t want, and then blend with dry signal.

Actually, you could use the Spectrum editor to define a frequency range and use the Master Section mode and insert a reverb in the Master Section. In this way, the effect will only be applied to that frequency range.


Thanks, I don’t think that’s ideal for me as I use the master section for my speaker calibration software. I can bypass that software before rendering but I’ve been caught by that before (forgetting to either by pass or engage) which is why I now exclude the master section from rendering.

Then use the Playback section of the Master Section. These section is precisely for this purpose: these plugins are never rendered. You don’t have to think about it.


Yes that’s what I’m using but I didn’t realise they were never rendered. I thought you had to choose to bypass the master section when rendering to prevent that. Good to know I don’t need to do that.

Re your method above. I’m not clear how the routing works there. How is it that defining a frequency range in the spectrum editor doesn’t also remove those frequencies from the dry signal?

  1. The frequency range is processed through the Master Section plugins.
  2. The frequencies outside the range are not processed through the Master Section plugins.
  3. Both signals are mixed after the Master Section.

I see, so if the reverb is set to 100% it will act that same as if I’d used a send in Cubase. Thanks.

I just realised that in your screenshot you are using the wav editor not the montage. Is there a way to get this method to work in the montage? I need to be able to change clip effects alongside the reverb to get it sounding right.

No, this is only for the audio editor.