Send Audio To Exernal Reverb

I have a Juno106 hooked up via midi and and audio track that the juno 106 audio plays through.
I have also setup a bus that sends audio from the juno to a lexicon reverb - stereo in and out.

Whats the best way to setup the external reverb module as a send? I tried setting it up as a External Effect but thats only for INSERT effects like EQ or Compressors etc…

I’ve set the Dry Gain to OFF on the reverb module so its only sending the WET signal

Also how can i record the audio incoming from the reverb module… when i record the signal it is dry but I am hearing the reverb.


Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to use the External FX. Then Add a FX Channel and use the External FX as an Insert in the FX Channel. Then you can route the signal from any Audio track to the FX Channel (External FX) via Send.

Thanks - and then how do i record the audio with the effects embedded? mix down?


You can use the output of the FX Channel as an Input of an Audio track. So add a new Audio track, and record it.