Send Automation MIDI Learn?

I can view and record with mouse movements Send Level Automation on a Group Track. Is there a way to record Send Level Automation with a CC knob/slider? I cannot find a way to have the Send Level “learned” by a knob. All help appreciated.

Well, this really isn’t a Cubase problem. I am using a Nektar Panorama P1 and in Mixer Mode it is already set up to toggle between Pan and up to eight sends. For me, problem solved.

Glad you solved this!

Anyway, the way to go when using controllers not natively supporting deep DAW integration, is the generic remote or the new midi remote. For example, here I have my send effects for the selected track, with the buttons to turn them on/off and/or prePost.

If in Mixer mode while using midi remote, I have a similar view with the Panorama (note that I’m also a user of the P6 for some time now so I do know how this beast works), by using subPages for all sendEffects slots:

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Thanks, @m.c !