Send Automation stays on even after it's "OFF"

Hi. This doesn’t happen in every project but it does happen often. I’ve been having an issue where I will automate a send to a delay for example to do a delay throw and I can see that the automation line goes on and off. However, the delay does not stop when the send is automated off. In order to fix it, I have to then manually move the bottom right node up to turn the automation on and then move it back down to turn it off and then it works as expected. I’ve attached a screen shot of what I mean as far as turning the automation on and off manually.

If you are disabling the Send which is going to the Delay, you are only stopping what is going into the Delay not the signal coming out of it. If you want to stop hearing the Delay you’d need to mute its output.

I may have misworded my post. I’ve been using Cubase over 15 years and have been doing delay throws this way forever. I have the send to the delay bypassed and im only turning the send on when I want it to affect a certain word. Then I automate to bypass the send at the end of the word. As you can see happening in the screenshot I sent. In that screenshot, there is two instances of the send being turned on and off.

The problem is that occasionally, the delay keeps going as if it is NOT bypassed at the end of the word. But it clearly is. I then have to manually grab the bottom right node at the end of the automation and turn it on and off and then the automation works as expected. Hope I better explained the issue.

This might or might not have anything to do with this, but FWIW you don’t need two automation points when turning a binary switch (such as bypass or mute) on and off. One will suffice, so maybe try deleting the third and seventh automation points from your screenshot and see if that helps!

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How do you do this? Dragging the Node to the top and then to the bottom again, on the Info Line or…?

When I hit the “W” to write automation, I play the the session and click the bypass button on the send to turn it on and off. The nodes get added automatically. Again, I’ve been doing it this way for at least 10 years in every version of Cubase going back to like 3. This issue started around Cubase 11. Tomorrow when I get back to the studio I will post a video. Unfortunately this issue only happens sporadically so its tough to catch it in action :slightly_frowning_face:

Of course not… the delay still delays the signal with a feedback amount…
Use a single tap delay with no feedback or automate the FX return.

The send has no bypass, it’s just an on and off switch.

Does it mean you can see the switch in the off position while you play back the section?
Or does the switch not react on the automation lane?

Since OP wrote they have been automating the send bypass in the same way for over a decade, don’t you think they know how a send/return works? At least to me it is obvious that they mean the Send Bypass doesn’t properly react to the automation data.

Sure it does.

I tried posting a link via drop box but I could only do it private. Here is a link to my Google drive with a video explaining what I’m doing. Thanks

I think the video was very clear, although it didn’t showcase the actual issue, it reinforced what I thought was the issue from the beginning.

To answer your question in the video, I do delay throws similarly but automate the send level rather than the bypass/activate button. It allows me to fine tune the send level on each throw. It’s also how I did it back in the analog days where consoles only had a send level knob and no per send bypass.

Yea. Next time I’ll try and take a video of the actual issue. Just my luck im usually pressed for time when it occurs but next time ill make sure i grab it. I also do your method usually with reverbs mostly but occasionally with delays as well.

I was finally able to capture the actual issue in action. If anyone else experienced this and knows of a fix, let me know PLEASE!

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Can you add the Cubase-12 and issue tags to the thread as it helps the developers find posts with bug reports.

Actually, I had issues with automation not working as expected even with Cubase 11 (Pro). I used automation to bypass an effect and it did not work all the time. I lost track of it as I modified something with the automation to at least get it working in the particular situation. But it was more of a random game.

I’m having exactly the same issue as you. Did you manage to fix it?

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Negative. Still happens :confused: