Send custom cue mix to VST Performer

Hi there,

I’m having trouble finding documentation on how to send a custom cue mix to the VST performer (e.g. a vocalist), but keep my standard control room mix on my end for listening during tracking and playback. For example, the vocalist wants a custom mix when recording, but then for playback, he wants to hear the take in context.

Is there an easy workflow to do this? So far I can only get us both hearing the same mix at the same time. That said, VST Connect 5 Pro is pretty awesome!

This is the designated workflow.

The faders in the mixer you see in the VST Connect plugin are not controlling what you hear, but what the Performer hears. The “Studio” channel shows what you send to the Performer.

The Performer’s cue mix is set in the Control Room, just like in a “next room situation”, via the VST Connect Cue Channel (assuming you have applied “Create VST Connect” in the menu).

The cue mix for that channel is controled as usual via cue sends in the main mixer.


You can set it to send either that individual cue mix, or the main mix (“Cues/Mix” button in Control Room). So you will have to switch that button if you want different mixes for Performer to hear. You can also engage and level cue volume (same as “To Performer”), talkback (that is linked to the related controls in the VST Connect plugin), and/or click, and find more functions when right-clicking the Cue Channel.


Hope that helps.