Send Default State

I know you can set the default send level but is there a way to set the default send state? I want to pick my send destination and have it on and post fader by default. Is this possible? I just find it weird that when you add a send it’s bypassed by defualt and this behavior seems to be unchange-able.


I’m afraid, there is no way, how to set the default Send Level, same as it is not possible to sen Sends to the Post Fader by default.

The only thing I can think of that might get you part of the way there is the preference setting: Connect Sends automatically. This at least saves you routing your sends to existing FX tracks when you create a new audio track.

Might also be worth experimenting with saving a Default Setting for your tracks. Not sure if the default setting will include send states but it’s worth having a look.


Be aware, the Send is not enabled in this case (what is good).

Also be aware, this function is applied to all newely created tracks (the tracks, which are added after enabling of this Preferences).

I guess I’ll just keep turning them on manuallly everytime it seems.