Send direct commands with Keyboard Maestro or other programs

In the same way that notation express sends commands directly to Dorico 4 without the need to create a unique key command . Is it possible for other programs like Keyboard Masters to access this part of the API directly?



Sorry Keyboard Maestro

You’ll need to contact the dev team directly about this to see if they would share the few docs that exist about this API. @davemacdo has mentioned that a few documents exist, but they needed to be asked for and they aren’t comprehensive; (but I’d have to imagine that the dev team didn’t develop this API to hide it under a bushel basket).

It’s a little more complicated than something that you can set up in KM directly. When you establish a remote connection to Dorico, it sends a key that your remote application needs to store somewhere (important for the security/stability of your system). There isn’t (to my knowledge) a great way to handle data coming back into KM from another application.


Thanks. Maybe some documentation will be available in the future