Send doesn't solo with channel.

Just got8 Pro. So far so good with Mavericks. I just found out that when I solo a channel the send doesn’t solo. I have scroll down and solo it. Pain in the butt. With Cubase 6 I just clicked the control key on the solo button and it changed with a “D” and all was well. Is this a bug or a mistake?

It works ok here. Is this happening with all projects, just older projects (e.g. from Cubase 6), or just new ones?
Anyways, the “Solo Defeat” function (the orange “D”) is accessed by Alt+Ctrl (Alt+CMD on Mac) while clicking on the track’s Solo button.

Seems silly to ask but does the send have bypass automation on it? if so, are you soloing while the automation is off?

In Cubase 6 it was just Control D.