Send Effect Automation

Hi Guys,

Can you automate the send effect amount using a midi CC, if so where? I cant find it anywhere and im hoping i dont have to use my mouse.



Okay, I usually do not really work much with hardware, so what I am about to explain might be way harder than it has to be. But here is what you can do:

  • Make sure that your MIDI device is set up properly. There is a MIDI devices section unter Studio - More options.
  • When you have created your send track and effects and made sure that your instrument or audio track has a send amount set up, you can use the “track quick controls” to automate the send amount with your MIDI controller.

You can find the “Quick controls” section in the Inspector:

If not, you will need to use the little gear icon to make this section visible.
There is a button to remove the existing quick controls, then you can simply click on an empty part of the list and select the send effect amount. You can then use the “learn” function to assign the quick control to your controller. If the learn button there does not work, go to Studio - Studio settings - Track Quick Controls and make sure that your MIDI device is selected for input. In that dialog, you can also apply the learn function.

When you now want to record changes to the send amount, make sure that you also enable “Write” mode for automation. (The W button) And of course that the track is armed for recording.

That should do the trick. Have fun!

HI There,

Thanks for the reply.

I Dont want to use the Quick Controls, I already use them for other automation tasks, it seems weird to me that you need to use them to control an effect send amount, its yet another oversite by Steinberg if the send amounts cant be automated by CC`s directly.