Send effects/channels - how to just play the send signal

This is probably a really silly question, but if I have an audio channel routing to a Send, is there a way of muting the dry signal so that only the Send effect is playing in isolation, but is obviously created from the original input?

I’m probably over complicating this but essentially I just want to play around with wet signals.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Send pre fader, lower the channel fader to -∞.

Or you can diaable the preference “Mute Pre Send when Mute”, and just mute the channel. The pre fader signal should get through.

Wonderful, thank you!

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If it’s for a temporary check, you could use the Listen mode.


There are different scenarios useable.

The simplest and quickest to me is the disabling of the routing.
That keeps everything as it was before and is easily restorable.
If you show the direct routing rack in the mix console, it is only one click away.

The already mentioned pre fader method is another on.
There is a setting available, that enables pre fader sends even if the channel is muted.
It is under VST.