Send event on track select

Hi folks -

I’d like to request a feature - that when you select a track, no matter what kind, you have the option of it triggering an event of some kind. A number, a bank select/program change, something unique. Since the use of remote software like TouchOSC or any of the others is becoming more common, it should be very, very easy to have a track selection trigger the selection of a matching editor page on a remote, such that if I select SampleModeling Violins, an editor that I have made to control it with all of the appropriate settings - faders and buttons and XY panels etc. - would automatically appear on my iPad. Or failing that - when I select a track, it uploads a custom remote setup to my iPad using a toolkit of Cubase graphic resources. Because the dream is to have Cubase extend the world it presents to remote devices that reflect its usage context.