Send from Groove Agent mixer to FX channel?

Hi all, Let me set the scenario…
I have my acoustic agent kit sounding great within GA and I have it nicely eq’d with a touch of compression on the kit mix and I am just loving it. Trouble is though is that the snare sounds a little dry and could do with a touch of reverb. I have a really nice reverb in use in my project and I’d like to send my snare to that rather than use the reverb built into GA.

I know one option is to activate GA’s outputs and give the snare it’s own fader and from there send the snare to the reverb. The trouble with this is that by re-routing the snare this way I am removing it from the kit mix and it is no longer going through that lovely EQ and compression that I painstakingly crafted earlier in GA.

The other option is to use the reverb in GA but let’s say for arguments sake that it can’t do what I need it to do.

Is there a way to configure an aux within the GA mixer to send to an FX channel in the main project?

I’m using elements so it’s GA SE4 and the above scenario isn’t real, I made it up for context. The sad reality is that I probably don’t even NEED to be able to do this as I rarely finish anything and people rarely hear what I record. I’m just curious and if it isn’t already, I think it would be a great feature!


Ok, I think I have a solution and it seems very simple and I feel silly for having asked the question in the first place!

In the aux tab in GA I can assign the output of an aux to it’s own fader in the main project by activating an output in GA. I can then use that faders send or “destination” as it is called in that particular channel settings window.

It sounds right to my ears but does anyone see why this wouldn’t work?