Send master out to two different ouputs

Hello everyone,
Im trying to use RME digicheck with Sonaworks (room correction software) and Cubase.
The main problem is that I dont want the Digicheck to read from the room corrected output.
So Id like to send ''Stereo Out" (which is BEFORE Control Room) to both Control Room and another output for my soundcard.
Unfortunately I cant create an audio track and read from stereo out.

Is there a way of doing that without creating an intermediary group, send every channel to it (which I may forget), then sending this group Stere Out, then creating an audio track to read from that group and send it to the Digicheck output?

thanks :slight_smile:

-Create an external FX, via loopback route the signal through totalmix.
-insert the external Fx anywhere you like in the (preferrably Control room) signal path.

You could also assign two free ports of your RME card to the stereo out (of course these ports must not be used for monitoring outputs of the control room, or you get the signal twice, once with and once without room correction). The rest could be done in totalmix by appropriate routing.
Or am I thining in the wrong direction?


If your intention (unclear from your post what your end goal is) is to have one set of speakers that uses Sonarworks and a different set of speakers that does not use it, then that’s already built in. Each speaker set in CR has its own dedicated set of inserts. Set up the 2 sets normally as A & B. Then on the inserts for say A put an instance of Sonarworks. But don’t put it in an inset for B.