Send MIDI CC via key press

Before I ask this, I imagine how it could be implemented and how it could work.
So imagine we have new Key Command named “Send MIDI CC”, but we know that sending such thing is a bulk of bytes, so it should be sent with parameter and channel number.

  1. In a list of Commands (Key Commands dialog) under MIDI category there could be “Send MIDI CC” command. (Maybe later more functional.)
  2. For such command(s) where parameter needed, we could assign parameters like we assign key combination. It means that we select Command in the list, then press key combination in the field “Type in Key:” and then we could have two or more input fields like Parameter 1, Parameter 2 etc. So with button “Assign” we could create key command with entered parameters.
    Let’s say to Command “Send MIDI CC” are assigned two key combinations - each with different parameters.
  3. The first parameter could be channel number, where in list of values 1-16 the top value could be “current track”. It means that sending MIDI CC will take MIDI channel from Track properties.
  4. Almost the same could work in Macros. Before adding a Command that needs parameters, the dialog would offer to enter them. This way we could create as many macros as we need to operate with any external device even it’s virtual (VEPro etc.) or real (anything that collects dust).

You see in picture that I already have this implemented in my Cubase Pro 13, so you guys just have to do the same for your customers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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