Send MIDI of SELECTED track to multiple destinations

Please add the ability to send the MIDI data of a SELECTED :exclamation: MIDI track to multiple MIDI destinations (Ports, Channel), e.g. for feedback loops to an external controlling device (e.g. Lemur).


I just spent several hours trying to setup a Lemur template which would have allowed me to kind of feed the MIDI controller data of a selected track back to the Lemur app during playback (so I have a visual feedback of what I recorded…).

Since it is currently not possible to send the MIDI data from a selected track (only!) to multiple MIDI destinations (i.e. different MIDI ports) I thought I would at least be able to use the “MIDI Send” function to accomplish the task.

I would have had to manually activate the MIDI Send on an individual track basis to ensure I see only the data of a single track at the destination controller rather than a mix of several ones. Fine.

However, when I finally had my Lemur template up and running I found out that this workaround does not really work in my setup because I am using MIDI Expression Maps (for articulation switching) and the Expression Map Program Controller changes are NOT replicated via the MIDI Send… They are only send via the tracks own MIDI channel.

Program Changes would only be “forwarded” via MIDI Send if they are in the Program Change Controller lane… :frowning: