Send midi out to other softwares including midi clock

I am a professional composer and as many I am super tired of Finale.
I downloaded the demo version and I can’t find any way to send midi notes from Dorico or midi clock or time code. With Finale and Sibelius this is pretty straightforward. Is there are hidden menu or a workaround for that? Until now this is the only feature I am missing to be sure I can change my platform.

Are you talking about MIDI export, or are you talking about routing Dorico directly to a MIDI device like…

Or are you talking about sending MIDI to another application? You can do this on Mac using the IAC MIDI bus; I think there are third-party apps for Windows that do this.

Thanks for your replies. I am talking about sending midi notes and midi clock to another software such as Logic Pro X or Ableton.

When I hit play in Finale both softwares are in perfect sync and I can use Ableton to record or process the midi coming from Finale.

Here I include a couple of screenshots of what I consider to be a professional workflow.

this is the dialog from Ableton, where I can receive midi notes (track) midi clock (sync) and midi CC (remote)

Then I can configure Ableton to be the slave and everything is always in sync. The workflow for Logic Pro X is pretty similar.

At the moment, Dorico does not support MIDI timecode (indeed, nor does Sibelius, though it does support ReWire). This is something that we plan to add to the software in future versions.

However, users have reported success using the VST-plug-in TXL Timecode, so you may want to look into that in the meantime:

Thanks for the quick reply.
What about sending midi notes over normal midi to other software or hardware synthesizer?

Did you check the diagram I included above?

yes I checked it, thanks, it doesn’t work for me. I still can’t receive notes on Ableton

You need to both instantiate at least one MIDI device in the VST Rack tab in Play mode, then also route one or more of the instruments in your project to a channel on that device using the Routing section of the Inspector tab in Play mode.

Thanks for the answers. I did all you mentioned. No sound or midi is coming from Dorico. Don’t know what the problem is. I can not even use the Halion sounds. I am missing something? The only thing I can listen to is the metronome.

Hello Pablo,

I think you are going to have to post pictures or a more detailed description of how you currently have it set up. I can only give you hope and assurance that it is not a missing feature in Dorico. :slight_smile: Lots of people have used it similarly, including me.

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Pablo, if you simply try creating a new project with a single instrument using the default HSSE+HSO (Pro) playback template, do you get the expected sounds?

Is it possible that you didn’t install the sounds when you installed the Dorico Pro 4 trial? Run Steinberg Library Manager: does it show items like HALion Symphonic Orchestra and Indian Drum Basics?

Thanks for all your quick commentaries.

I think I need to read the manual to understand better the whole midi workflow. I found it more complicated than I thought it would and had to reinstall the library and software because of missing files.

Of course there is always a learning curve, if you say it is possible to have a workaround with a plugin to get MTC and to send midi to Ableton, it might worth to expend sometime with the trial.

I just found out I can not find Kontakt 6.6.1 to be visible, nor any oder vst, is it normal?
This instructions doesn’t seem to be updated for Dorico 4:

I found the routing, it seems to send something but it is clearly a bug or something really weird.

Here I attached a small video:

This is MIDI feedback. Disable IAC Driver Bus 1 in MIDI input devices (Dorico preferences\Play).

Ok, thanks for that. :grinning:
Any idea why can’t I find Kontakt on the list?

Kontakt should be on the VST Instruments list (VST racks), you can add more by clicking the + button. If Kontakt isn’t there, check on Doricos preference if the plugin isn’t blocked or something.

I cannot use that solution and it doesn’t seem to be safe. The homepage of TXL is also down. I gave my password in security and privacy from Big Sur to try to install the software but the system won’t install it.

The policy privacy of TXL looks awful…
“10.1. We may collect and process information about you and your use of our Program, some of which may amount to personal data. ROLI may also collect IP addresses associated with your end-users’ use of your Application solely for ROLI’s internal operations in providing you the JUCE Program. Personal data will be collected and processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

I hope there is a MTC integration soon… :crossed_fingers:

Everything else seems to fit my workflow so far.
I can’t still find Kontakt in the VST list thought. Any ideas?