Send MPE Data to DAW?


I am currently working on a project where I am trying to send the MPE data of my custom microtonal tonality system in Dorico to a DAW. I am on Windows and I am using LoopMIDI to send the MIDI to Ableton.

I’ve tried sending the MIDI data to two different MPE Synths in Ableton (Surge and Wavetable) but all I get is equal temperament pitch. I am wondering if this is an issue of LoopMIDI, since I am not sure if it can even send MPE in the first place, or if I am just missing something.

So is there any way of sending the MPE data to a daw? (I am in Dorico 4 btw)

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum, @carminoes.

You cannot, I’m afraid, transmit the VST note tuning instructions Dorico uses for playback via MIDI. It’s not using MPE (part of the MIDI 2.0 specification) but rather the VST-specific techniques on which MPE is based. When Dorico eventually supports MIDI 2.0 in future, this will presumably become possible at some stage.

In the meantime, in Dorico 5 we added the ability to use plain old MIDI pitch bend for microtonal playback, which makes it practical to transmit microtonal playback information via MIDI export.