Send multiple panned mono tracks to a Group channel

Hi guys I would really appreciate some help after trying Google and YouTube with no relevant results.
I’m using Cubase 11.
As the title suggests, want to understand the following:
I want to have a group channel from which I can control the Volume, EQ, Compression of multiple panned mono audio channels.
For example, I want to have a group channel of , 2 mono audio tracks, which are panned L R.
I tried either sending or routing each track to the group track.
Then, I now have audio coming out from 3 channels - each panned audio track, and the stereo group track.
I want the audio to come out panned ONLY from the group track, after being proccessed initially by the EQ/inserts of seach track, and then by the inserts of the group track.
This means - No audio coming out from the mono tracks. Right now when I mute them - the group track is also muted.
What’s the best practice to acheive the desired outcome?


Using Send will produce exactly the results you are describing - that’s the wrong way to do it. But Routing should work since when you route the Track to the Group Track that will cause you to disconnect its previous routing.

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Just for the sake of clarity: As Raino says don’t use sends, just use the ‘regular’ output routing of those tracks and choose the group as a target. So instead of “Out 1-2” or “Main Mix” or whatever it’s called right now just choose the group.


Thanks Raino!

Yes Mattias this was the case! Thanks both