Send my channels to a effect ” bus”

I’ve just switched from fruity loops to cubase.
In fruity loops i could setup a send effect
and i could route my channels to this one.
Is this possible to do in cubase. I’ve tried send effects but then i have to set up all the every time i want a new channel to be effected. In fruity loops att had quite many effects on my send and i could affect a certain amount of the the singel. I would be so thank for any help on this subjekt.

Kind regards Conny

Not sure exactly what you’re asking. You can create an FX track in Cubase and insert a plugin on that FX track. Then you can select that FX track on audio tracks using the “send”. You turn the send “on” and then set the level. You can do that with as many audio tracks as you want.

One thing to note is that the way you phrase it doesn’t make sense to me:

You don’t have effects on a send, you send a signal to one or more effects.

If you want many audio tracks to share one FX then you do what I wrote above.
If you want many FX in series and many audio tracks to send to that FX track you can add more insert plugins on the FX track.
If you want many FX in series on an audio track you just use many inserts on the audio track…

Do I understand correctly that you want the new tracks automatically be connected to your FX track?
There is an option for this here:
Edit → Preferences → VST → Connect Sends Automatically…

Sorry for late respond. This is perfekt thank you.

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