Send names don't appear in auto lanes in Project window

(I don’t know if this has been an issue for longer or not, but it was the same in 8.5.)


  1. Write automation for a send or sends on any track.
  2. Look at the send automation lanes on the same track in the Project window.
  3. You will see that the names of the sends do not correspond to what they are actually named, but instead say “Send 1”, “Send 2”, etc., which only correspond to WHERE you have the sends on the given track in the mixer window.

This is - without exaggeration - a nightmare in any session that has more than a few sends because you have to go back and forth to see what send it corresponds with if you custom-name them (which I always do so I can know exactly what the send/aux is). This does not happen in other DAWs like Pro Tools and Reaper, for a very good reason.

I hope this is on the list of very important things to fix, as it’s a true showstopper!