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So, Let’s say I have 5 group tracks created : drums, bass, guitars, vocal and back vocal. Now let’s say that I want to add a synth group track. I create that track and place it between the guitar group and the vocal group in the project window.
Now, if I want to send a synth track to its corresponding group track, I open the send’s pop-up list and the synth group appears at the end of list. This leads me to conclude that the order of that pop-up list is tied to the order of creation of the group and not to its location in the project window. Therefore, the group you created last will be placed last in the list with no consideration to its position in the projet window. This also goes for FX tracks.
When project gets bigger or when you’re using a template, things can easily get pretty messy and slow down the workflow.
So, question is : is there a way to get the order of the send’s the pop-up list to match the order of the groups or FX tracks in the project window?
Cubase 12 Pro on Mac OS Big Sur

Hi Eric and welcome to the forums!

I do not believe you can alter the order of said list.
I would add the “feature-request” tag to your post.

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Yep, that is one of the baffling “features” of Cubase … those entries are ordered by an internal track number.
Even more funny: if you add a track or re-order them to your liking, it won’t get updated in the dropdown immediately, but if you save, close and re-open the project, you’ll notice that the order in the drop-down is now correct (the same as in your project).
Actually, I’d consider that a bug. Or the list should be sorted alphabetically, which would probably the better solution anyway.
The good thing is though that you can search incrementally in the drop-down, you just type some letters (e.g. “rev” for reverb) and you’ll get a filtered list of only the entries that contain those letters. For bigger project the best solution imho (if you can vaguely remember how you named your tracks, that is :smile:)

Didn’t notice that the order matched the board when you reopen the project. I’ll look into that. Thanks. I don’t mind saving and reopening if the thing is sorted out afterwards and helps the workflow. What I would mind even less is that you could define a preference for the dropdown order. :wink: