Send out MIDI message when hide Lower zone

Hi Guys,

Is there any way to send out a MIDI Message when I close the Lower Zone ?

I tried through the Generic Remote but no response!!

It’s not clear what you are asking.

What is your goal?

I’m building a virtual controller using Software called “TouchOSC”. (with it I can use the iPad as a controller)

what I’m trying to do:
In this software, I created a Button, and this button has 2 functions:

  1. It will be visible or not visible based on the Lower Zone status.
    (Visible when the Lower Zone Closed / Unvisible when the Lower Zone Open)
  2. It will open the Lower Zone in Cubase.

So, whenever I press this Button, the Lower Zone will show up, and the button will be unvisible until I open the Lower Zone Again.

Thats why I’m trying somehow to make Cubase to send out a MIDI Message whenever closing or opening the Lower Zone.

To the best of my understanding, anything in the Key Command hierarchy is NOT sending out midi messages. So there’s tons of commands in there that create a “state” in Cubase that’s visible in the Cubase GUI, but can’t be reflected in external controllers.

Neither in the Generic Remote, nor in the new MIDI Remote.

That’s really disappointing, I think our friends in Steinberg need to be more humble and learn from the others in the market :grin:, no need to start from scratch when there are some others who are already pioneers in some areas. (no offence , I Love you Steinberg :grin:)

However, I still belive in the New MIDI Remote.

I’m mystified as to why you posted an image of the Generic Remote