Send panner defaulting to left on session startup

Hi all,

I have been working on several sessions in Cubase 7.0.6 and have been noticing a strange panning thing going on with some group sends.
I am sending from one stereo group track to a 2nd stereo group track for parallel compression. When I save and close the sessions, the send from group track 1 is panned center. When I re-open the session again the panner is panned hard left.

My channels are set to follow main panning, however the main channel panner is panned dead center.

Any thoughts?

Try clearing the pallet to begin with.
One way to do this - Open the Pan automation lanes on all tracks involved, and delete any automation.
I often find when incurring strange behaviour like this, it’s because a some time some automation was written unintentionally - it can happen very easily if your not 100% vigilant.

Thanks for the reply. I thought it might be automation, however the channel isn’t read enabled for automation, and once I reset the panning, it stays where I set it.