Send Panning Question

heres what i’m trying to do…

i’m using cubase elements 8. i’ve got 2 stereo output busses: my main mix, and a headphone mix. i’ve got a mono audio track, and a stereo group track with various mono audio tracks routed to it. both of the tracks output routing is set to the main mix output bus. i want to send the audio from those tracks to the headphone mix bus as well. i’ve been using each track’s send to do this, however, since i’m using cubase elements, i can’t pan my sends. the headphone mix bus is missing all my panning that shows up on the main mix output bus.

i’m assuming whats happening is that when the output from my mono audio track gets routed to the send, it gets routed before the panning of that track (i have it set to post fader on the send), so the send is basically acting like a mono channel with panning set to center. (figure 1)

from what i’ve read and seen in youtube videos, cubase pro can link the pan settings from the audio track to the send. so i could link those, and the mono audio track (lets say it’s panned L50) when sent (using a send) to the headphone mix output bus, would be panned L50 just like it is in the main mix. (figure 2)

so far so good… my question is how does this work when using a stereo group track? does the original stereo information get preserved when using a send (figure 4), or does it get converted to a mono signal before applying the send panning (figure 3)?

the solution to my problem looks like upgrading to pro, however, it could be a deal breaker if things work like in figure 3. i could be going about this completely the wrong way though. is there a better way to do this?

Hi and welcome,

The stereo info persists.

In Cubase Pro, you can use even other options, like Control Room, for more sophisticated routing.