Send Pre-Fader Automation

I´m not able to automate the pre-fader send switch. Is this for real? Have I missed something?


Wouldn’t that produce clicks and “jumps” in the signal path, due to delay compensation?


Of course it would not be automated while a signal is passing, a reverb-preset or a hard eq-change would also produce clicks in this case…

When this is not possible, how do you manage an automation where a signal should run into 100% wet?
I would set send to pre-fader and then turn the volume-fader down. What is the workaround?

Sorry to bump this, I´m really extremely astonished, that this important feature is not ready to automate?

Once again my question: How do you then mix a signal which should turn to 100% wet? Maybe some footsteps leaving in a staircase, or a bird in distance, just to mention two examples which are daily work.

I just started to do final mixes in N5 and really stumbled upon this issue.

Should I really have to create a dozen extra tracks, where all my sends are set to pre-fader continuously?