Send program commands from AI to Synths

I am connecting to a Yamaha MODX6 and a Hammond SK2 via Windows laptop through a 4 pair thru box. I need to configure cubase to send the patch information, transpose information, and octave shift information when I click on a song. I am brand new to cubase. Can someone point me in the right direction to get me started? What does cubase call this type of communication? Is there any available documentation? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

Add Program Change MIDI Message to the MIDI track, which is routed to your External Instrument to change the Patch.

I don’t know, how Is the “Transpose Information” handled on the instrument. Probably a SysEx message? The same is for the Octave.

I don’t know, what exactly do you mean by “I click on a song”. You have to send this MIDI data out. So Cubase has to play over this MIDI data to send it out. Or you can use MIDI Chase events, so you could just click (or navigate) to a specific position in the project to make sure the data has been sent out.

Thanks for your reply. I reply with the results.