Send recorded midi messages from one track to input of another MIDI/VSTi track


Is it possible to send midi messages from one MIDI track to MIDI/VSTi track. With MIDI send we can send from MIDI track to MIDI outputs.
My end goal is to send the recorded MIDI events/messages of a MIDI track ( violin) to a VSTi track ( Guitar) that have chords pads assign and this way, the violin midi messages trigger the guitar midi track!

Any workaround would be appreciated.


Well since you are using MIDI and not Instrument Tracks, you have the 4 MIDI Sends on each MIDI Track. Outside of that you could use a virtual MIDI cable like loopMIDI - which is what you’d need for an Instrument Track as the source.

I already tried IAC driver, the native virtual MIDI cable on Mac. I will try it again on a fresh project!

I just tried it and suddenly Cubase crashed as usual! Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 8.08.47 PM

Sorry, only PC literate here.

Are there 3rd parties who make virtual MIDI cables for the Mac or does everyone only use what Apple provides?

Or if you exclusively used MIDI & not Instrument Tracks you wouldn’t need a virtual cable.