Send reset message to all devices automatically upon startup


I have a problem, every time I start Cubase, I need to go through “Devices > Device Setup” and click the “Send reset message to all devices” button on top for my MIDI keyboard to communicate with Cubase. Do you know how to have Cubase to send reset message to all devices on my behalf every time it starts?
Thank you.

Please list your system and software specs for the best assist…

As far as I know CB should detect a USB connected midi controller if it is plugged in and powered on prior to starting CB. Especially if the controller was previously set up and running properly.

With that said, CB running on a windows PC will not detect a USB connected midi device unless it is plugged in, and for some controllers, powered on before starting CB. From what I understand CB running on Mac will detect the USB device after CB is started.

This is all I can offer until you provide more specifics.

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Thanks. I use Cubase 8 Pro with Windows 7 and an Arturia Keylab USB MIDI keyboard. Yes, I always turn on the keyboard before running Cubase, but still, I need to follow this procedure every time.

With my Behringer controlers I have to turn them on before I start Windows. Otherwise they are sometimes not setup correctly and Cubase won’t recognize them.

Is it possible one way or another to send a reset message to all devices automatically upon Cubase startup?

You might be able to set this up in the Key Commands.

I searched for “reset” in the list of key commands but didn’t find any suitable option…Maybe there’s another way I’m not aware of?

Do you mean the list in the Operation Manual, or the select list in Cubase Key-commands itself.
The list in the Manual is only a small fraction of what is possible.

Yes, in Cubase itself (i.e. not in the manual). It looks like this feature is not available.

Gee… that would bug the heck out of me.

If you have your usb controller plugged in and powered on (even before starting windows) CB should detect it.

My only other suggestion is to make sure you have the latest drivers for your Arturia Keylab USB MIDI keyboard installed.

If the forum members can’t assist then I would submit a support ticket to Steinberg.

Good luck.

Maybe you have a reason to support this request. :wink:

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In key Commands under MIDI you will find the reset command, which you can assign to a key of your choice. It is the same as the reset command in the MIDI Menu. Would this work?

Thank you guys. Yes, I even have the problem when switching on the keyboard before the computer. I have the latest drivers. I tried adding the MIDI > Reset key command (see attached screenshot), but when triggering the key command, this doesn’t seem to reset my keyboard as it does in the “Devices > Device setup” window. Maybe this is a different function…I’ll investigate more… Thank you :wink:

I get the same problem with my Alesis Q25 controller. Artist 8.10, Windows 7 - always have to reset devices. Never used to happen with 5.5 - quite annoying!

I have the exact problem with my Presonus Faderport8, faders are supposed to get rearranged once the project is loaded, but it doesnt, and i have to send a reset message to it in order to do that, I thought there is an option to automatically reset devices once the project is loaded but didnt find it yet.