Send/Return Help


I am needing some help with working out how to access and use as a send/return my outboard hardware. Currently this is how I have my set up so hopefully you can follow the routing and making sure I have it set correctly. I am using a rack mounted Compressor and EQ and of course an interface.

In my Device Audio Connections, I have the following set up:

Interface INS in Left 1 and Right 2 and OUTS in Left 1 and Right 2.

Compressor INS in Left 11 and Right 12 and OUT in Left 3 and Right 4

EQ INS in Left 9 and Right 10 and OUT in Left 5 and Right 6.

Now my first issue is; how do I create a send/return in my Cubase if I want to use the Compressor on my vocal track only and my EQ on my guitar track only? I have read the instructions but am confused as from what I know, I click on the audio event in my project and then go to add FX Channel, click in Stereo and then find the outboard effect in my Effect boxlist, but when i do this, it is not coming up nor is it listed?

And my second issue is, if I tried selecting an in-the-box effect for example reverb and it does comes up. But from here, how do I actually route it to the specific track I want?

And once again it would have been a good idea to post at least the Cubase Version… :unamused:
You create a send / return by creating a bus (Fx channel, Group channel…), that has its output connected to the interface output that is connected to the external devices´ Inputs (F4), and create an Input bus, that is connected to the external devices´outputs, then create an Audio track with that Input bus as track Input.
so for the Compressor:
Send: FX channel - Output Routing to the Stereo out that is connected to out Left 3 and Right 4,
Return: Input bus ins Left 11 and Right 12 as Input for an Audio track. Audio track Needs Input monitor active to hear Signal.
And no - unless you use Cubase Pro, no outboard gear will be listed for you.
And using FX from in the box should be very well explained in the Manual IIRC

Sorry I forgot to add the Cubase version, it is Cubase 8 AI.