Send routing + groups


I usually have 2-3 synthgroups which have different filtering automated throughout a track. I put the filter as the last insert on each group. Then I have 1-2 reverbs for the synths which I have as sends on the individual tracks. One problem I’m facing is that when I put filters on the group the reverb is not filtered. Is there any smart way around this or do I have to create separate reverb sends for each group?

If instead of routing the output of the Reverb FX Channel to Stereo Out (or wherever) you could route it to the Group Channel so the filtering effects it too.

You might also consider Inserting the Reverb on your Group Channel before the filtering. But you’d need to use a Reverb that has a mix control so its not all 'verb.

Another option is to route both the Group & FX to another Group Channel & do your filtering on it.

And yes you could create Sends on on your Groups and not Send from the individual Tracks. There are probably a handful more possible routings.

Thing is all of these routings are similar, but not really the same since they create different points to change levels etc. For example putting a Send on a Group will cause the synths to all send their same relative levels to the reverb. But if you wanted one of those synths to play at a lower level but have more reverb then routing the FX into the Group will let you do that.

The point is there is a lot of flexibility in how you can configure your routing (and if you have Pro, Direct Routing gives even more options) but they all let you control signal levels in different ways. So it pays to spend some time to ponder the details and what makes sense for your specific workflow. And then create a Template that reflects those choices.