send routing level gets broken

Nuendo 5.5 NEK
OSX 10.6.8

Using sine tone…
-If you send a stereo channel to a mono channel the left and right sides sum giving you a 3dB hotter level.
-If you send a stereo channel to a stereo channel you get the same signal level as the source (no summing is occurring).

BUG: Once you have assigned a stereo channel send (lets say send #1) to a mono channel (expecting summing to occur, which it does) then reassigning that same send #1 to a stereo channel, then that stereo channel’s level is 3dB hotter for some reason… and visa versa.

The logic that besides when to sum the left & right channels gets stuck at the first sends setting.

This youtube video depicts the issue from scratch!

Just my humble opinion:
With plugin delay compensation currently broken, buffer barfing of VST2 plugins on unbypass, and this routing issue mixing is getting quite difficult in Nuendo these days. I for one would love to see a strong maintenance update addressing these major mixer engine issues in the near future.

Can you explain this?

Is this changing when you alter the pan law?

Big K


Good one, thanks. Will be fixed.
But regarding the “broken delay compensation” we indeed need some more information. We think it works.


The issue i reported here is still broken in Nuendo 5.5, unless there is a new issue. Did you fix said issue in 5.5?


I am testing a plugin that seems to have PDC issues, so perhaps the PDC engine is in tact in 5.5.

I would sleep better though if you could tell me the PDC engine issue I reported here was actually addressed in 5.5?

Also please fix this and this

Yes, that should be fixed.


we will reinvestigate the delay compensation issue.


you can, but what i was saying i was that the issue i was having was only occuring with one beta plugin. all others i tested were fine. so pdc is probably fine.