send slot unavailable?

Anyone has had this issue when a certain channel would all of a sudden make it impossible to use [certain] sends? It is rather odd in that an arbitrary amount of the send slots on a channel would not allow to route the signal. The assignment to a channel works, however the ‘on/off’ button for the respective send will remain unactive (grey), and cannot be toggled back on. Happened to me on larger sessions. Is this some kind of a memory corruption issue?

Could be feedback prevention. Check the entire signal path, you may have a delay routed en loop?

it’s not that, if i dupe the track (=same routing), i can use the sends previously unavailable.

after all a channel will not even be available in the dropdown (it would be greyed out) should a routing operation result in a feedback loop.

i can indeed select a target channel of the send in the dropdown. it’s just that the ‘on-off’ toggle next to the send remains off and cannot be toggled (no matter what destination it’s routed to).

it’s basically a channel-cum-cursed somehow, looks like a corruption issue to me?

You’re right.

hm. And you restart everything, this behavior persists?
You might make a dummy copy of that project and start eliminating until something exposes this issue, although I’m sure that’s what you’ve been doing since yesterday.

yeah i think it’s the typical memory corruption / overload issue with 32-bit cubase. once it starts taking up a certain amount of RAM everything will start acting funny, plugins not loading, graphics disappearing etc.