Send to Center Speaker from Stereo track

How can I correctly send some signal to the 5.1 output Center speaker from a stereo source, using the VST Multipanner? Or would it be better to use the Anymix Pro and if so, what preset should I use?
I compose music for film and I used to work either in stereo or, rarely, in quadro but I am thinking now to start delivering in full 5.1 (including the Center).

I’d say: check Nuendo’s manual in order to learn more about “Front Divergence”

Niek/ Amsterdam

Please, as a Mixer … Be very easy on the center in a 5.1 music mix for post. Usually dialog and foley lives their! Music shouldn’t be in their if possible.
You should talk to the guys who will mix the final master first :wink:


Cool, thanks, I knew about the Divergence and I suspected it was the way to do it. But I needed to be sure - hence asking about it here.

I agree. I would only add music to C when there is no dialog and I want a featured (solo) instrument to stand out a little more.