Sending a snare to a reverb before sending it to a group


I have a mixing routing question that’s been bogging me for some time now, so I think it’s time to ask it here.

I recorded some drums for an album recently and now I am at the mixing stage. I’m using Cubase 11 Pro.

I have a snare top and a snare bottom mic as well as a snare sample. Three tracks in total all grouped together into a snare group. On the group I’ve done some EQ, compression, saturation, etc. Now I want to add some reverb but ONLY to the snare sample so it can be nice and clean, no bleed from the other mics going to the reverb.

But if I just send the snare sample to the reverb several problems occur:

  • The snare sample gets send to the reverb before it goes to the group, meaning before the sample gets EQ-ed, compressed, etc.
  • If I turn down the snare group volume, the snare reverb volume doesn’t get affected and it stays the same because it gets send before the group which is not something that I want.

How should I fix this?
I could send the reverb track to the group as well. That will fix the volume problem and also the reverb would get EQ-ed as well. But then the reverb would also get compressed from the group compressor?

What am I missing? What’s the correct wait to do here?

Thank you all

Kind regards

The reverb getting compressed isn’t a problem - I’d just add the reverb to the snare sample as an insert.

If I understand well what you say:
I would send the snare group to an FX track with the reverb, not the individual snare tracks. After that I would route the snare group and the FX track to a drums group.

If you send the snare group post fader to the reverb FX track, if you turn down the snare group volume, the reverb will be turned down as well.

Many different ways to do this, neither may be ideal but here’s what I would do: duplicate the snare group track, send the sampled snare to the new group. Send it to the reverb from there. The downside of course is that you’re processing it alone and not as a sum of the three signals, so compression and saturation might need to be adjusted.