Sending audio to outboard gear (Cubase 11)


I am using cubase 11 on win10. I have a MOTU M-4 which has two line outs functioning as independent outputs, according to the manual.

I would like to use these outputs to send individual tracks there and monitor them in real time, in order to set the outboard gear up and print the result as an audio recording.

For this I would connect these two line outputs to outboard gear, which I would like to insert into the input channels of this interface. How do I route this in cubase?

What I want to do is to send a particular track to the line output. I have read the manual of cubase, but I can’t find anything useful.

That box is mono, so you will need to use one line out and one line in.
(line out 3 and line in 3)
then you go to external fx tab in audio connections (cubase)
add a mono and select the right in/out number.
Then it will show up as and “plugin” which you can place where ever on a track

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Great! Thank you very much!