Sending CC in a macro

Anyone know a way to set up a macro to send CC to a midi out when triggered? The operation would be as simple as just sending a CC102 with value 100 when triggered. Or even better, if it could somehow know current value and add 10 to that.


Not specifically with a alpha keyboard keystroke macro. This type of thing is more the domain of midi control. For example, you could use the input transformer to configure a midi keyboard note to send a value.

For Cubase to know what the current value is, it has to be told somehow. That type of thing might be possible with the Generic Remote, by using the Pick-up flag in the upper pane.

Can you give more specific details?

Thanks for the input. I want to use Cubase iC for external control of Cubase. In my project I have this midi fader controlling the volume of my vocals using CC 102 (Sent to RME Totalmix). But when I switch to show the cue mixes in iC, all midi faders are gone. So I cannot adjust the CC102 level without moving between config windows in iC. So I thought a workaround would be to have a macro to trigger changes to either this fader, or just send the CC directly.