Sending certain tracks to headphones! REALLY NEED HELP!

I created a project with various tracks in it. I am doing a live performance using cubase 5 with my profire2626. The drummer only wants certain tracks coming through his headphones and I cannot remember how to do this! Can someone please help me out on this…The performance is on saturday!

Set up the Control Room and use the Control Room Sends on the tracks you want to go to the the drummers phone mix.

Or simply use the standard channel sends.

Please explain Im a little lost

How many output does you interface have?

Eight outputs…Im checking out the control room…I dont remember doing it this way the last time

well the simple way would be to create another stereo output buss and select that output in the sends.

The control room will give a more elegant solution though.

Thanks… I created the stereo buses and it worked…I tried to follow the directions about the control room in the cubase manual book but that seems to confusing…especially based on what its telling you to do.

I’m a big Control Room fan as you can set up complete headphone mixes in a mouse click or two, but if it seems too confusing for you then better to stick with the simple solution.

I’ve been messing around with the control room and I got it to work to a certain extent. I have a mix playing through my headphones…I can make the channels that I selected louder but it does not mute the tracks I dont want to hear. I see where I have an option to change the levels of the channels I selected but I dont see where I can mute the unselected tracks.

Make sure in connections/outputs that you have the original main L/R connections set to no connection otherwise you’ll get a doubling of the output.