Sending click to a aux/ send channel

I recently sold my studio and now gone from 8 pro to artist 8. Not having control room I thought I could use a send channel as cue channel but cannot find a way to send the click to the cue, is there a way of doing this, I could set up a separate midi track and use drum hits as a click but just wondered if there was a better way

Unfortunately you can’t route the Cubase click in the normal mixer because it doesn’t appear as an input. I think it should!! Within the Control Room section you can route the click to cue outputs, but you don’t get that in Artist…

I searched Google for metronome plugins and there’s a few free ones that might do what you need. Otherwise its the drum machine option :slight_smile:


You can engage the click on any physical output.
So if what you refer to as a cue is an output to headphone amp (or the like - a physical output on yous soundcard), you can go into Devices > Vst Connections (F4 by default) > select the output tab > and engage the click in the… Click column.

I guess you are talking about sending audio for monitoring to a bus/group,which then are routed to a pair of outputs (stereo). If so, the above will do.

Thanks for the replies, yes you can define the output of the click as BM reply you select it in the Connections page. I never used this before as in 8 pro I used the cues in the control panel which had the option to turn click track on
Again thanks for the replies