Sending Cubase 9 file to a singer, troublesome ...?!

Hi guys,

I’ve made a song with all audio channels (no midi).

As I was making it, I’ve saved all the versions on the way, ending up with over 850 files (.BAK and Cubase Project files).

Now, I’m trying to send the final version of the song to a singer who lives on other continent to do his vocals on top however not sure which files to send.

I have tried to send the Cubase Project file of the last (final) version however he can’t open it as Cubase is asking for audio files. There are over 850 (audio) files in the Audio folder (over 7GB in total) … so I’m lost here. :blush: :imp:

What other files (apart from the Cubase Project file) should be send with the final version, so that he can open the song and add his vocal on top?

Thanks heaps!!

The audio files.

Thanks, but the audio files are worth over 7GB, as there are other audio files in the same folder (850 of those) from other versions of the song in the same folder. …

How do I pick the audio files that are from the latest (final) version of the song …?


Manual -> Backup project

An alternative is to do a working mix of the whole song and create a new Project using only that as the only Track. This should be the same as the original in length, tempo and any timing. Send the singer that and have them overdub the vocals on that. When they send it back with their vocals you can import those vocal tracks back into the original Project.