Sending External Synth System Message for Cubase


Is it possible to send from a MIDI track real-time System messages ( not SysEx)? For instance, in PSR we have system messages AH = Start, and FCH = Stop in the Yamaha Style Engine. I with I could change the SysEx status byte from F0 to AH, or FCH etc to accomplish this. Is there a way add any kind of message in List Editor, etc?

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System Realtime messages are things like start, stop and continue etc., and are not channel specific so you can’t add them in a List Editor. If you want to start and stop e.g. a sequencer you configure the destinatinon MIDI port(s) from the Transport menu under Project Synchronization Setup on the Destinations tab. That will then send a start message to that MIDI port when you click play in Cubase and send a stop message when you click stop in Cubase.

Thank you for your reply. I am looking for more specific messages. I have already set the Project Synchronization Setup.

Those are still sysex messages, even though they’re short. iirc, you can just build a sysex message with just the 8 byte command (two hex characters). I never tried it though… post back if it works or not… :slight_smile:

System Realtime messages are not System Exclusive messages. You can build a sysex message in the List Editor but, being a sysex it will by definition always start with F0 and end with F7. The OP wants to send a System Realtime start which is FA …

Perhaps you could tell us what it is you want to achieve (“the big picture”)?

You’re right- and it’s not actually System Real Time either- I think they are Yamaha proprietary commands - OP is asking about controlling his Yamaha PSR-A3000… we chatted before in a different thread.

The upper case H is a yamaha ‘suffix’ for hex. :confused: :unamused: e.g., aH is A hexadecimal, 1010,

@chikitin where do these commands come from?

In addition to Start/Stops as I mentioned in my first post, I want to send Sync Stop and Sync Start message to the PSR’s Style control engine.

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Universal MIDI System Realtime messages (i.e. non-manufacturer-specific) are as follows:
Start - binary 11111010 - hexadecimal FA, sometimes written FAH (“H” for heaxadecimal) or 0xfa
Stop - binary 11111100 - hexadecimal FC, sometimes written FCH or 0xfc
Sync (a.k.a) MIDI Clock: - binary 11111000 - hexadecimal F8, sometimes written F8H or 0xf8

To answer the initial question, “Is it possible to send from a MIDI track real-time System messages?”, by which I understand “is it possible to use the List Editor to insert MIDI System Realtime messages into a MIDI part on a MIDI track?”, the answer is no.

On the other hand, if the question is, “can Cubase send MIDI Start, Stop and Sync messages”, the answer is yes, of course. All are sent automatically by Cubase if you have configured it to do so in the Project Synchronization Setup; provided the receiving device is configured to respond to these messages, it will start, stop and play in sync.

To ask this another way: what is it that is currently not happening, that you believe might be solved by inserting System Realtime messages in the List Editor (were that possible)?

Hello Everyone / this seams to be fairly crucial settings with sequencer incorporated synths. Sometimes we want the synth to start playing its sequence sometimes we dont. Typically we want to start Cubase running without all our gear starting to run at the biggingin and later in the sont we want to start the synths or drum machine ourselves externally as a independent musical unit … Right. So we do need some kind of control over these Start Stop Continue midi msgs ( FA / FB / FC ) . Yeah the best thing would be to record them as they are obviously sent over midi as part of midi sync . Its correct that Cubase send those messages respectively to its transport settings but how is it to make cubase just send midi clock without those Start Stop Messages. Nothing seams to work for me in the Project Synchronization Settings neither can I find the way to filter it out in Midi Filter preferences neither do I know how to transmit it as a part of track data … Thanx

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Hi, did anyone find a way to do this? Would be very useful with my setup as well!