Sending midi clock to Juno-DS arpeggiator?

I’m trying to use Cubasis 3 on my iPad to control the tempo of the arp and send a metronome click to our drummer’s ears so he can play in time with the arp. Metronome out through iPad audio is no problem but can’t figure out how to sync Cubasis clock to Juno. I can use Cubasis as a live sequencer successfully but would like to play the arpeggiator live for some tunes.

I’ve troubleshot all the midi and DAW setting’s in the Juno and nothing seems to work. The clock is turned on Cubasis settings. I’m using a simple lighting usb hub to connect audio and Juno to iPad. I know they’re talking, I’m just stuck on this one point. Oh ya, I also created a simple rhythm track in a project to see if Cubasis needs at least one track to send clock.

Background: I haven’t used a midi setup since 1988 when I had my Roland D-10 hooked up to my MacIIse sequencer. Cubasis 3 is my first modern DAW. It’s amazing and more than I’ll need for now. I like to keep things as simple as possible with no extraneous hardware or apps - if possible!

Thanks for any tips!

Hi Revermadness,
Have you tried enabling Ableton Link in SETTINGS/MIDI
Its just a thought :thinking:

After some even deeper internet searching I learned of a firmware update for the Juno-DS that spoke directly to fixing problems when in slave mode. Installed and all works fine for now. I don’t even need a track in Cubasis. Just hitting play sends a clock and the Juno’s arp syncs to it.



Hi @Reverbmadness,

We are glad to read that you’ve been able to resolve the problem via updated the firmware update of your Juno-DS.

Enjoy being creative,