Sending MIDI commands LIVE

Wasn’t really sure where to turn with this question. Figured some of y’all might have experience doing stuff like this. My band is trying to set up a live rig that will allow us to run backing tracks, a click and midi patch changes out of Cubase. I managed to figure out how the midi program switching stuff works but how on earth would we go about getting midi commands to 3 different units on stage? It seems most interfaces only have 1 or 2 midi outs to begin with. Would I need a midi interface instead? But then how am I getting the XLR backing tracks and click out at the same time? Yeah, I have no idea what im doing. Any advice would be huge.


You can use MIDI Sends to be able to send the MIDI to multiple (up to 5: one output + 4 MIDI Sends) destinations. You need these physical MIDI Ports, so you will probably need a MIDI Device with multi-MIDI-Outs, like MIDISPORT.

I have the MOTU microlite for this, but there have been some issues and they haven’t been offering much support.
You could check Kenton out. They have some nice MIDI port hubs that would give you the extra MIDI ports you need.
If what you need is to get the same MIDI feed from one port to 3 different places the Thru-12 reviewed here in SOS might be what you need. Anyway, Kenton almost certainly would be a good place to start. And they get good reviews.

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You can have multiple MIDI interfaces running on the same computer at the same time and they will not interfere with your audio interface.

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