sending midi control messages to gear via cubae

I want to be able to send a command to my physical mixing board that mutes the effects on the board when I stop Cubase from playing tracks at a gig - with the space bar. So when the vocalist talks between song(s) there is no reverb or delay going on.

I set up the mixing board, and have recorded/played back the commands from the board into a midi track and that part works fine - mutes and unmutes the reverb and delay on the board. The (mute) button pushes from the board appear as cc data.

I am familiar with editing key commands - not so much on macros.

  1. Can I have the space bar start/stop playback AND send the cc message out that mutes/unmutes? Doesn’t look possible to me - maybe a Macro?
  2. If not, the Cubase help file doesn’t seem to have much to say about assigning keyboard shortcuts to cc messages. I looked around the forum as well. Even assigning a different keystroke to that msg would probably work just fine for my purposes.

This may be a little out of the mainstream scope here but I’d appreciate it if someone could point me in a direction.

You are correct, the manual doesn’t have much to say - in fact, nothing.

To do exactly what you’re saying you would need to use an external utility like Bome’s Midi Translator or Keyboard Maestro, depending on your platform.

Even the free version of Bome’s is enough to assign keystrokes to send midi messages and some basic scripting.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

The paid version does what I was looking for and I don’t mind paying for it.

Had to make sure to take the keystrokes I used out of the Cubase preferences or I got some unintentional events.

Thanks for pointing me in a direction.

Glad I could help.