Sending MIDI Input to multiple Virtual Instruments

Hi guys,

Is there any way to send the midi signal to multimple virtual instruments without arming 2 tracks each one routed to the desired instrument ??
For example:
I may want to use a piano in my kontakt and a rhodes from my Halion SE.
I usually arm to tracks, each one mapped to each instrument and then record, but every edit i do, i have to do it twice. One for each track.


If you are using a “regular” MIDI track, routed to the VSTi Rack, rather than using a dedicated Instrument track, then you can use a MIDI Send on that MIDI track, to whatever other MIDI instrument (or MIDI port) you wish. There are four MIDI Sends available.
(I was really hoping that that Cubase 7.5 would bring along MIDI Sends from Instrument Tracks also, but, alas, not yet :wink: ).

Hey Vic,
thanks for the quick response.

In the sends session i just see some plugins like Midi To CC, Track Control, Step designer, not an output or VST rack instrument.
Is it hidden someway ? :stuck_out_tongue:


I just found out what was wrong.

The Outputs are only avaliable when you choose the sends from the Channel Inspector.
If you open the Edit Channel Window, the sends doesn’t have the output options!

Thanks man!

Cool :wink:

Raises a red flag IMO! Was this forgotten in the redesigned Channel Edit window or is it to be finally eliminated once the Inspector is redesigned?

I was yesterday on a friends studio that runs nuendo 4 and it is the same way cb 7.5 is. Only on inspector and not on the channel edit window.

It has only just dawned on me, the significance of what you wrote :blush:
Yes, this is indeed an omission. (although it would only make sense to add MIDI outputs in the Send section of the Edit Settings window if it also had a section for the main MIDI routing.)

Hey, so I have this part that needs to be played by two vsti’s, 'cause its a nice layer.
I kept on copying this one part to a second track.
When tweaking the sequence part, I delete the old one after each edit on the second track, and the copy the new one to that track. Tedious.

OK, so I just remembered, I can use a shared copy, This also works between different tracks. Better :slight_smile: . (copy while holding alt shift. a ‘=’ appears on both copied parts, signifying shared part.

Better would be if I could route this one miditrack to the two vst’s. I don’t see any midi sends at all in neither the channel edit window nor in the inspector, like mentioned above.
Is this really possible? How would I get that?

MIDI Sends are hidden by default. To display them:

  1. Click on your MIDI track to select it.
  2. Right-Click on the track inspector.
  3. Click to checkbox named ‘MIDI Sends’ to display it.

Now MIDI Sends will be displayed in the Track Inspector. There are 4 send slots available.

Yes, but note– as Vic pointed out midi sends are not (yet!) implemented on VST Instrument tracks.

ah, thanks sofar. But as pgstudio mentioned, the sends only route to a possible bunch of midi effects (that are kind of a dead end as they are insert effects really, except perhaps midi monitor)
So could I route a send to an instrument? Which is what I’m looking for. One track, to several instruments…?
Anyway, just happily used the shared copy method, and just now finished the part. On with the song. ( Perhaps I’ll do the dreaded new singing parts tonight and be inspired by Christmas spirit)
Merry Xmas!

Switch the sends to “on”…

Thanks, but that is not really an answer to my question. Could you please re-read my question? I have them ‘on’.

Your question was:

Then the answer is to switch them to “on” and you can… - really

I re-read it twice before answering, and I think I understood it - maybe re-read my answer…

Thanks, but that is not really an answer to my question. Could you please re-read my question? I have them ‘on’.

I think you’ve misinterpreted thinkingcap’s answer.

Initially, when you have MIDI Sends enabled in the Inspector, all you’ll get is the effects pull down (None, Arpache…etc). By “on” he means click an individual send Activate button on the upper right. When that’s “on”, the effect pulldown is replaced with MIDI destinations…ie: other MIDI Tracks.

What the heck! Thanks! Got it. That must be one of the best hidden (stupidly unaproachable) tricks in Cubase.
Well, very happy to have discovered this one. Thanks a lot for your patience Weasel and thinkingcap!
Sorry I didn’t get around to try your answer earlier, ( rebuild the studio and my cellar got flooded and stuff…)

(Still I can see my misunderstanding: It’s not in the edit window, only in the inspector, where they’re not shown by default, then, if you show them, it’s only there after ‘on’… not quite easily stumbled uppon, even if you look for it)

Switch the sends to “on”…