Sending MIDI to Multiple Instrument Tracks

So I’m currently losing my mind looking for a way to set this up. I’m relatively new to Cubase, and familiar with DAWs. Here’s the problem:

I’m trying to use MIDI to trigger multiple instrument tracks. I have drum samples that were recorded with several microphones, so I have imported each sample into GA SE4 and created 6 complete drum sets for each individual mic. I want to use a MIDI track to be able to trigger all 6 of these Groove Agent sets at the same time. But I’ve yet to be able to find a way to route or send the MIDI data to all of these separate tracks.

Has anyone experienced this problem before? Going crazy here. I’m running Cubase Elements 9, by the way. I know an older version had a MIDI Sends feature that has apparently disappeared.

Thank you in advance!