Sending Multiple Midi Ports to one instance of VEPro

I’m new to Cubase and was assuming that this would be easy, but finding answers has not been.

I have a template within VEPro that I’d like to switch back and forth between Cubase and Logic Seamlessly.
Set up like this:

VEPro Instance 1
Port 1 - 1st Violins Kontakt MIDI Channels 1-16 for different articulations
Port 2 - 2nd Violins " "
Port 3 - Violas " "
Port 4 - Celli " "
Port 5 - Bass " "

VePro Instance 2
Same thing with Woodwinds sections, different instrument group per port, different midi channel per articulation.

I can send multiple ports out of Logic via Multiport Layer in the Environment. The goal is to be able to use the same Vienna Metaframe Project with both Logic and Cubase, and build an identical template with both.

Cubase 8.0.10

Yes, it’s entirely possible, but you haven’t said what you are struggling with.

Broadly speaking you need to: load Ensemble as a Rack Instrument, enable as many of its outputs as you, and connect to your instance(s) of Ensemble. Next, create a MIDI track and route it to any one of Ensemble’s ports and channels.

If you have a specific issue, let me know.

Hey, sorry, I’m trying to assign port outputs to the midi channels. I can only assign midi channels. I only want one stereo track coming in per instance, stereo strings, winds, etc…

so basically i’m asking how to assign port 2, 3 and so on. I can’t figure it out. I’m not worried about assigning multiple audio outputs, for now.

anyone have any ideas?

You cannot use an Instrument Track.

I believe you might be able to use a MIDI track feeding the Instrument Track.

Or, create the VEP instance as a Rack Instrument, and then go from there.
As many MIDI inputs as you have enabled on VEP will be visible.


Yes, this is correct. Load ensemble into the rack, then create your midi tracks and assign to one of Ensemble’s 8 ports.

ok here, where I’m at. I can assign multiple channels to one midi output, from one instance of VEPro, on an instrument rack. but I cannot figure out how to assign additional MIDI outputs.

‘Midi Outputs’ in Cubase vs. ‘Ports’ in Logic Pro is where the confusion was made.

How do I assign multiple Midi Outputs from one instrument rack, so I can achieve what i have described in my first post?

DBNoisemaker, multiple VEP’s midi PORTS only works with VST3 version of VEP in Cubase.

And you CAN use an instrument track for it.

I figured it out. I just didn’t have the right view settings to be able to see ‘output’ that solved this particluar problem.

I am having the same Problem DBNoisemaker. What view settings did you change?