Sending multiple tracks to external REVERB with different predelays!

Hello There
I use CUBASE 10.5 (I have 11 and 12 also btw)
I want to send different GROUPS to my external AKGBX SPRING REVERB at the same time, but also add different predelays to the different sends.
So that I get a STEREO track back of REVERB where everything is kinda melted together like in the good old days?
Is that possible and if yes how so?


  1. Create a Group Channel for each delay amount and put a delay on it for that amount
  2. Route the Output of each of these Groups to another Group which is routed to your external reverb
  3. Connect the reverb to an input on your Audio Interface to get it back into Cubase
  4. Use Sends on each Track to route the signal to one (or more?) of the delay Groups.
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