Sending out midi to a hardware synth

Hi guys,

I have a moog desktop synth. It is controlled by my midi keyboard (oxygen8 v2), which is connected via a midi cable. The oxygen8 is also connected to the laptop via a usb.

I want to send midi info out of cubase, via the usb, to the midi keyboard, and then have that info sent to the moog via midi cable, so i can record the audio back into cubase.

How do i do that?

I have created a midi lane with a simple 4 bar loop, clicked on the output routing, and selected the oxygen8, yet no sound, and the moog isnt registering any midi info incoming.

what am i doing wrong?

Many thanks peeps!

Is the synth hooked up to an amplifier so you can hear the output or are you routing the audio outputs into your audio interface on the computer?

That’s one thing, you have to have a way to hear what audio is put out.

Next is sending midi out from a track.

There may be a setting on the ox8 to send any received midi to the midi out but maybe not. You’d have to read the ox8 manual to figure that out.

Much better way is to get a midi interface that has enough ports for all your devices.

Tracks or live input could both be routed to the synth through cubase.

You should read about external instruments, that’s how I would set up the synth.

The issue here is getting midi info OUT of the laptop, TO to midi keyboard, and having that SEND out to the moog, to generate sound and send that BACK IN to the interface.

When I play the keyboard by hand, the moog makes sound. No problem. What I want is the laptop to play the midi info, send it to the keyboard, and have that send it to the moog.

The midi keyboard is hooked directly to the laptop via usb. It’s not connected to the interface.

So you have no midi interface.

You’re trying to use a midi controller as a midi interface?

That’s up to the capabilities of the controller, see if it can do that.

Cubase sends midi wherever you tell it, doesn’t sound like a cubase problem.

No unfortunately not. The midi keyboard is plugged into the laptop directly via usb cable.

Yeah I’m trying to get the keyboard to pass on the incoming midi info from cubase to the moog.

I just assumed that the keyboard would automatically transfer that info haha. My bad. Cheers