Sending PG (program changes) to external hardware

Easy question I’m sure although searching did not help me but Im a noob.

I have some midi boxes (mks-50, JV-2080, proteus etc) attached via midi to cubase LE. I want a track in Cubase which I can play once (then mute or whatever) that sends all the PG changes to the various boxes to get the sounds I need set on the boxes rather than store patches on the boxes themselves.

I used to use DR. T’s software on an Atari and you could just type your PG changes into a track and play that and it would send then changes to the appropriate boxes.

SO in essence a track that says Midi chan1 pg 124, midi chan 2 PG 32, midi chan 10 PG 57 etc. and I play it once and all my boxes are set up for that particular song.



I think the answer may be to contact Roland to see if they have the Cubase Patches for your instruments. They are in the form of XML files. If you can find the Patches, you just select add MIDI instrument, browse for the file and select it. Cubase will install the Patch.

The instrument Patches will contain all the sounds of your mks-50 and JV 1080. This makes it real easy. My Cubase came bundled with a Yamaha instrument so it has a lot of Yammie instruments included already. So depending on what instrument (manufacturer) your Cubase was bundled wiih will determines what instruments are supported.

Joe H