sending program change midi device manager

Is there a setting where Cubase , at loading a project, sends the program change at playwithout recording it as midi?
I have a midi device, with a list of instruments.
I work on some tracks, and on each track I select from the instrument list defined in Midi Device, some instruments.
when I select them, Cubase sends the program change/control change 00-32 and everything is ok.
But after saving the song, and loading it again, at play, it doesnt sent those controllers anymore. I have to select it again on list to send pc/cc00-32.
Is there a way , when I hit play on Cubase, to send on the midi channels the pc/cc00-32 of the instruments already selected?
I mean:
I have a midi device set, a genos.
I have the instrument list.
On track 1 I select from the midi device instrument list the Nylon Guitar.
When I select that, it sends on genos, the right program change, control change, and it selects in genos the Nylon Guitar.
Ok. Everything is super. Save cubase song.
After loading, and restarting Genos, Genos will have piano on every midi channel.
Cubase project will have on track 1 the nylon guitar selected.
But when I hit play, Cubase doesnt send the prgoram change/cc on midi channel 1 (track 1) to change it again in Genos. It only plays the note.
I have to select again in the list the nylon guitar, to send the good pc/cc.
It is frustrating to go all over the tracks and select again all the instruments from the list.
And in genos I didn’t find how to save those channels settings like a performance in my old Fantom X.
Any ideas?

I found out…
Maybe someone needs this too…
To load a project, and send the patch inspector set on tracks, you must go to preferences, and check at export , “export inspector patch”.
So everytime you load a project, Cubase will send the program change and CC00/32 of used instrument from Midi Device list.

inspector patch.png